The Dr. Brie Show: The Goddess Emergence™

The Dr. Brie Show: The Goddess Emergence™

The Dr. Brie Show: The Goddess Emergence™


Live an enlightened and authentic life by standing in your own power. The Dr. Brie Show - The Goddess Emergence™ brings forth new information supporting the ascension process happening on the planet now. Learn the true meaning of the word Goddess and why each and every one of us is a divine being. Dr. Brie travels multiple worlds bringing through the unknown ancient knowledge and messages to help you remember who you truly are and live life with Truth, Trust, and Passion.

The Earth is an ever-changing being. Goddess-light shamanic healer, Dr. Brie Gibbs, guides us through the ascending worlds bringing forth knowledge and truth. As a light creator, she is here to provide new information needed at his time in our evolution. Join Brie as she shares messages from guides, spirits, ascended masters, goddesses, and others. Tune in Thursdays at 3 pm pacific for The Dr. Brie Show - The Goddess Emergence™ and live the authentic life.


More about Brie:

Dr. Brie is here to inform us of the ascension happening on the planet now. She shares new messages from the God & Goddesses (working as one), Ascended Masters, Elven world and others. She is the founder/teacher of Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healing and Goddess Light Crystal Healing, creator/host of The Dr. Brie Show on alternative talk radio stations. Having been aware of the Ancient Goddesses since early childhood, she has fully embraced her Goddess Light and is passionate about teaching, leading by example, and helping others in their spiritual journeys as they embrace their true authentic selves.


Join Brie as she brings forth this new knowledge, truth and light. She offers seminars, workshops and private sessions using her impressive skill set as a 4th generation High Priestess, master channel and medium, published author, planetary worker, certified crystal healer/instructor, certified color energy practitioner, Reiki master and Christ Consciousness Healer Medium. She is a Teacher a New Healing Modality "The Breath of Life Energy"


Her diverse subject areas include: elven knowledge and why they are here now; truth of the Goddesses and Ascended Masters; Lemurian Goddess Light and shamanic healing, ceremony, mentoring and prana breathing; the power of forgiveness; walking without fear; crystals and stones; planetary work; and many others needed at this time on Earth.


Brie grew up in Tacoma WA and has lived in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho and other states to help enlighten others. She is passionate about teaching, spending time with her animals, and living an authentic life!


Dr. Brie is a licensed broadcaster and holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism, masters in Theology, and a doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences.


Dr. Brie Gibbs

Dr. Brie Gibbs Ph.D.

Brieanne H. Gibbs, PhD Trans Medium, Healer, Instructor, Author, Life Coach, Speaker and Radio Show Host Dr. Brie Gibbs is a Lemurian and Shamanic Healer (from her Native Am...

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