Blue Lightning Healing Meditations

Blue Lightning Healing Meditations

Each week, we'll look at a topic of interest, whether it is in the form of an interview, a talk, or channeling. The chat with Spirit is followed by a meditation.


Each episode is dedicated to our spiritual growth. Don't know where to start? I probably have a podcast for that. Looking to connect with spirit guides yup, there's a meditation for that. Interested in Galactic Being, I have a friend and colleague who is quite familiar with that.

Each episode is a conversation with Spirit. I want you to have the opportunity to get to know Source in a way that resonates with you.

The archives will hold previous episodes if you want to explore.




Susy Parker Goins podcast host on transformation talk radio

Susy Parker Goins

Susy is a conduit for Spirit to come through to talk to you. Have a conversation, get perspective, trade jokes. Whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable working with yo...

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