Guest Profile

Vicki Dobbs

As the founder of Wisdom Evolution and head cheerleader for The You First Revolution, Vicki Dobbs brings 40 years of entrepreneurial experience into her spiritual writing and work.  For the past two decades, she has been helping people navigate their lives and business in a way that allows them to gift the world the best of themselves. 

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur co-creating with the Divine, Vicki is opening existential gateways through which individuals can face their challenges and opportunities, embracing them both as the revered teachers that they are.  Using her best-selling books, courses, personal work with individuals and speaking to groups, she endeavors to inspire others to create their lives intentionally by blending ancient wisdom techniques and tools with modern modalities in her experiential classes, ceremony, sacred art, and story.

Vicki’s goal is to see everyone live every day empowered by the voice of their own authentic truth, seeing this life’s journey as an ever-upward, spiraling ascension of the human spirit leading it toward wisdom, wholeness, and joy.

This author in the world of self-empowerment and care comes as a graduate, mentor, and master teacher in a four-year mystery school. She is a Foundation for Shamanic Studies Harner-Trained, Shamanic Counselor, a Warrior Goddess Facilitator, and an Artist of the Spirit Life Coach.

 As a teacher, she has been facilitating small, intimate workshops for the past 20 years. Vicki brings her depth of education, experience and life-changing grief and joy to her teaching stories and experiential practices in sacred art and intentionally crafted ceremonies. Her goal is to help women bridge the gap between who they are, who they are becoming, and who they want to be in their world.