Guest Profile

Trish Laub

In 2002 Trish Laub was told that her father was being treated for Alzheimer’s. Trish and her husband moved from suburban Chicago to the Denver area in 2012 not only to enjoy the beautiful mountains but also to be closer to her parents.

Just 48 hours after Trish arrived in town, her father suffered an unexpected medical crisis, setting into motion a two and one-half year journey of care. Trish served as a caregiver and manager of her parents’ daily and medical care, as well as the care team. The process continued through their end of life and the settlement of their estate. Trish has continued to gain experience over the past eight years by participating in the care and end of life of loved ones and consulting for others.

With her abundant expertise, Trish has created Comfort in their Journey®. Her award-winning Comfort in Their Journey book series (A Most Meaningful Life, Peaceful Endings, and Through the Rabbit Hole) provides the clear, concise, and easily accessible information that she wishes had been available to her. Trish offers readers her story and experience, and the opportunity to thrive during the caregiving process. These nuts-and-bolts books enable caregivers to be quick studies, think, and then act by making informed decisions.

After spending 18 years developing computer systems, Trish went on to cofound both a national dance education company and a national nonprofit prevention theater company focused on helping at-risk teens. She is a Black Belt instructor of The Nia Technique® and has been licensed since 1999. Using her previous computer and teaching experience in combination with her most recent caregiving experience, Trish provides practical guidance for dignified care through the end of life through her book series, speaking engagements, and workshops, and consulting.