Guest Profile

Suzanne Alexandria

Suzanne is an energy healer through the Order of the Magdalene, and a spiritual coach and teacher. She leads clients' deep healing through the Akashic Records, and she brings in powerful light body activations. Suzanne is able to help clients by seeing the root causes of some of their most challenging issues and illnesses, and then shifting and clearing their energy fields to help them restore to center.

She operates her spiritual business from Denver, Colorado, and works with parents, teachers, healers, coaches, seekers, and intuitives. She runs an empowering Soul Embodiment and Intuition Development program through which she guides clients to embrace and hone their own inner wisdom & intuition as they awaken their rememberings, soul strengths, communication with guides, and healing skills. Suzanne also co-manages Supernova Ventures, and through her work empowers other leaders to step into their magical beings and their inherent, true natures.