Guest Profile

Simona Budurlean

Simona is child number 9 of a large family from a small village in Transylvania, Romania. She describes herself as a seeker with a thirst for answers and thriving to become a full-fledged life. After living and working in multiple countries and continents, she considers herself a Global Citizen, embracing all people and cultures. She is extremely passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, wherever they are in this world.


On a professional note, after transforming her life, she became a Well-Being Coach (Certified Professional Coach), working with people one-on-one to discover and manage their inner selves, find happiness within so they live joyfully every day regardless of the outside situations. She is also a certified Project Manager Professional, an MBA holder with more than 20+ years of leadership and management experience in different industries like Hospitality, IT, and Business Consulting.