Guest Profile

Sean Smith


  • Sean Smith is a father of 2, husband of 20+ years, author, speaker, actor, poet, songwriter & the owner of Elite Success Systems, a personal development and human healing company.

  • At the age of 13, he was nearly killed by his next-door neighbor in a hit-and-run accident while riding his bicycle to school. Police said the car was traveling over 50 miles per hour.

  • Understanding that he was given a second chance that day, Sean stopped taking life for granted and promised himself to never settle for mediocrity.

  • Sean has dedicated his life’s work to creating “neuro-transformation” in all areas of human behavior, an approach that blends numerous leadership and healing methodologies to produce long lasting behavior change in the mind and body.

  • He founded a personal development coaching and training company in 2006, which has helped transform hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

  • He co-wrote, produced and starred in a ground-breaking spoken word short film about healing racism, with Personal Development Icon Lisa Nichols & Hollywood Star David Bianchi, called “Let’s Grow” ( He has acted in more than 15 other short films.

  • He is one of the very few people to deliver 2 spoken word TEDx performances...

  • • “Dear Racism: A Break-Up Letter From a White Man” (

    • “The Power of Vulnerability in Men” (

  • He is the author of "Daddy, Are You Proud of Me?" — A Father’s Guide for What Daughters Need to Hear, See and Know From Their Dads, which explores the father/daughter relationship, self-esteem and masculinity at a deeply healing level.
  • He wrote and performed a vulnerable, gut-wrenching 90-minute one-man- show about his mommy issues, called “I Do, Mom”

  • He has produced over 30 online courses and more than 3,000 articles, audios and videos on nearly every imaginable topic related to success and leadership.

  • He is a prolific creator of transformational poems and songs.

  • He has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

  • Sean has spoken and trained in Europe, Asia, South America and all over North

    America, including Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, and India. In 2013, he was named “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker.”