Guest Profile

Sandy Kruse

Sandy Kruse is passionate about alternative wellness. She is a podcast host, a Holistic Health Practitioner, a biohacker and an aging-well advocate at 52 years of age who began a new career almost 3 years ago. Sandy holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and at 49, graduated with a diploma in holistic nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Sandy explores alternative means for healing and wellness and shares them with the world through her podcast and her social media presence. She loves to develop recipes and take old favorites and make them healthier. Sandy also works one-on-one with mostly women over 40 experiencing symptoms of unbalance; uncovering the root cause or causes of their symptoms. She believes humans need a little bit of everything to be aligned in body, mind, and soul. Post-thyroidectomy, after many years of trying almost every style of eating, Sandy asserts that balance is the key to living well, enjoying life, and living life well into those golden years – both happy and healthy.