Guest Profile

Sandra Gilson

Sandra is married, a proud mom of two sons, and while recently living in the DC Metro area, she is happy to be back home once again in the Pacific Northwest.

Spending over 30 years in all spectrums of lending, she helped thousands of families become homeowners. And while she enjoyed that tremendously her true passion has been her 15 years involved in helping women in the nonprofit sector.

Having spent many years as a single mom, she’s understood firsthand how difficult it can be financially raising a family on a single income. Over the years through observation of the lives and finances of people she served in her lending and non-profit roles, she discovered that many families, in particular, single-parent families live paycheck to paycheck and often don’t have the ability to save for the future. Her compassionate nature and desire to help women, led her to starting High-Heeled Go-Givers. From a simple phrase on a Starbucks napkin, it has exploded into the incredible idea of promoting and supporting women-owned businesses while simultaneously giving back to causes that support women, social justice and protecting the environment. To her, it's much more than just a fundraising effort or to help other women-owned businesses thrive. She truly envisions them to enjoy life-changing financial freedoms.

About High-Heeled Go-Givers
High-Heeled Go-Givers is a growing community of highly dedicated women business owners who’ve come together in a true spirit of collaborating to build wildly successful businesses.

We have locked arms in a shared mission and purpose to uplift and transform the lives of women throughout our communities, while also working alongside organizations to protect the environment, social justice, and women’s causes.

High-Heeled Go-Givers is dedicated to taking a powerful stand for women in building successful businesses, through networking connections, promotion, and support within our growing community.

In addition, through member engagement in a unique program designed both to help inform women on the importance of providing safer, nontoxic, Eco-Friendly products for the home, reducing our carbon footprints, which ultimately benefits the environment and simultaneously raise funds, we highlight the power of collective giving.

As we continue to grow and expand our footprint, we are able to donate more and empower more women to gain the financial security they deserve!