Guest Profile

RiTika Rose

RiTika is the Founder of Life reDefined LLC an integrative life coaching and healing practice; the author of a best-selling book in the subject of transpersonal psychology called TAGGED UR IT! Become the Leader of Your Own Life; and a  consultant/advisor to organizations and communities on conscious leadership and authentic living.

RiTika holds a double major degree in Occupational Therapy and Psychology, with additional certifications as a Life Coach, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and Meditation Instructor.

Through her career journey in healthcare leadership, rehabilitation medicine and a profound personal journey of inner transformation RiTika healed her mind and healed her life so drastically she was led to open her private coaching practice, with a mission to help people awaken to their truth, embrace their authentic selves and create conscious relationships with self and others.

With over 2 decades of serving individuals to ensure their highest quality of life, Ritika uses her strengths, skills, and passion for helping others to heal from their inner battles and support their personalized path to peace, healing, purpose, and growth and ultimately have the confidence to re-define life on their terms and become the leaders of their own life.