Guest Profile

Pamela Hawkins

Pamela Hawkins is an artist, art medicine woman, and intuitive guide who helps people from all walks of life to rediscover their natural creative abilities and to connect more deeply with their true self. With nearly 35 years in the field of graphic design and visual communication, Pam has helped hundreds of clients convey their messages with mean-ingful and elegant solutions. As a trained facilitator in Painting From the Source® and the Art of Feminine Presence®, she assists individuals in becoming fully embodied through authentic, creative, soulful expression. She’s a passionate advocate for genuine self ex-pression and the connection between creativity and a sense of fulfillment, vitality, wealth, healing, and transformation. She’s interested in what drives us to create, as well as what stops us... in how we can evolve ourselves and creatively honor all aspects of life. Pamela combines her talent and expertise to help you creatively navigate significant life passages and bring forth your true Self in a way that is empowering, magnetically radiant, and deeply unique to you.