Guest Profile

Normandi Ellis

Normandi Ellis is a clairvoyant Spiritualist minister living in Camp Chesterfield, Indiana. Her books on Egyptian myth, ritual and magic include The Union of Isis and Thoth, Imagining the World into Existence, Invoking the Scribes, Feasts of Light, and Dreams of Isis. Her book Awakening Osiris, translated from Egyptian hieroglyphs, is considered a spiritual classic, and was the groundwork that led to 30 years of study. That endeavor became her most recent book Hieroglyphic Words of Power.. An arch-priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, she facilitates a hermetic mystery school fpr priestesses in training, and teaches in Camp Chesterfield’s metaphysical school. She and her partner Auset Rohn, also a priestess of Isis, have banded together to create Two Ladies Travel, which leads spiritual sojourns to Egypt. The next scheduled trip is 2021.