Guest Profile

Nikki Gangemi

From actress to teacher to entrepreneur, Nikki Gangemi knows what it takes to make those big pivots and has found a way to accelerate her success from the inside out, to become the leading lady of her life and to live it on her own terms.

Nikk is a board certified success & life coach, NLP Practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, speaker, author, and founder of Mindful Matters LLC. She helps entrepreneurs create unshakable habits to grow their business and achieve outstanding results in work and life.

Through mindset performance and personal development Nikki guides clients to eliminate obstacles, so they continually reach their next level of success faster and with more ease.

Nikki's children's book "My Gracie" incorporates mindfullness and the powers of imagination to help children (and adults) shift negative feelings about self from the inside out. Gracie the elephant "shows the innate power we all have to change our thinking, and to change our lives". (from Kris Ferraro's Forward: My Gracie)