Guest Profile

Miriam Matthews

Miriam Matthews is passionate about her God-given purpose to empower women towards their purpose! She is a wife, and mother of 2 sweet girls. She became enthralled by this work after the “mystery” of her purpose was ignited by the power of “my-story,” in realizing how her wounds could be somebody else’s wings. She started her career in Social Work in 2008. However, she began to fulfill her calling in advocacy and helping others, at a young age. She experienced a variety of trauma, and learned how to define her “DNA” by diving into her faith in God, neutralizing negative beliefs, and activating new powerful beliefs! She is both a Licensed therapist, Christian Purpose Driven Coach, and the DNA queen! She enjoys helping women heal from trauma and shift from people-pleasing behavior and identity loss, who as a result of her program, experience deeper relationships with God, improved self-esteem, and clarity around their purpose. It has been an honor to be an integral part of each person’s cultivation of their relationship with God and the use of their gifts!

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