Guest Profile

Lad Mandiola

Lad Mandiola is a talented 25+ year experienced Technical and Marketing Graphic Designer, 15+ year Real Estate Investor, Franchise Owner, Innovator, Product Designer, Product Manufacturer, Multiple Patent and Trademark Owner and an Online E-commerce Business Owner. One of Lad’s greatest strengths is... Networking. He often refers to this as his Super Power. If you were to ask his associates about him, they would tell you they admire his resolve, determination, and perseverance. He started his company, ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC, growing it from a startup to $10,000 in sales; then to over $1,000,000 in sales per year in less than 4 years. He now owns and operates Multiple Streams Solutions, LLC. He knows what it is to struggle, making painful mistakes and overcoming them.


He knows how to achieve success, literally earning millions in the course of doing business.