Guest Profile

Katie Selby

My name is Katie Selby. I’m a person with a language impairment and a learning disability. I was diagnosed with my language impairment at the young age of three and with my learning disability at the age of five. I am a paraeducator for students with disabilities. 
I participated in the special education system from the time I was three years old until I graduated from high school. My high school counselor told me that instead of going to college, I should look for work in child care. There were others in my life who advised me against college. I didn’t listen to the people who were deterring me from my lifelong dream. I listened only to those who supported me in making my dream come true. 
I come from a unique social group. All of my friends are people with disabilities. We are not a support group; we just have the same life experiences. Seven years ago, I wrote a blog article for “The Mighty” to share my story. Since then, I’ve continued to share my story with others. It feels like I’m sharing my story with the whole world!