Guest Profile

Karen Betten Np

Karen Betten, MSN, NP, CBP is a cutting edge instructor, teacher and practitioner known for her unique but rich presentations threaded with humor and science.  Her 25 years of experience in the health and wellness field have made her a passionate crusader to re ignite the often dormant unrealized potential in each of us to create change in our lives in all realms of life.   

Karen is a Nurse Practitioner, Franklin Method Instructor and BodyTalk Practitioner.  She has a Masters of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her experiences include: Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit Nurse at the University of Pennsylvania, Colon & Rectal Surgical Nurse Practitioner at Columbia Presbyterian and her current role as founder and director of Limitless Living, LLC. 

Her colorful and extensive background has provided her with a unique & deep understanding of the  wide range of challenges and conflicts we all face in the field of health and wellness as well as relationship, finances, spirituality, career, performance, trauma and more.  Her passion is to support each student and client to reignite his or her unique potential within to create and experience lasting change in his or her life.