Guest Profile

Joey Perry

Joey Perry, co-founder of Latitude, has always had a passion for human rights and human service. She started her career in nonprofit doing research and analysis, but quickly realized she wanted to be hands on, serving people every day. As she searched for her next step, friends Jeremy and Krista Carroll were launching a print services business and donating 50% of profits to serve people in extreme poverty. Joey came on board immediately as a co-founder and now serves as Senior Vice President running the New York office. 

Joey’s purpose in serving others shows in the way she serves Latitude clients in the New York area, including their very first client, Foot Locker. She is always out giving 120% to Latitude clients because she knows that if she serves them really well, Latitude can help more people. She grounds her purpose by participating in Insight trips to Haiti and India, meeting the people whose lives are being changed for the better as a result of the support that Latitude provides. 

Watching Latitude grow into a full service creative agency from a kitchen table start-up just a few years ago makes all the hard work even more meaningful. Today Latitude helps fund a monthly rescue mission to free women from sex trafficking and bonded labor, and that fuels her to never let up on excellent service. Because it’s not only about providing the best for a client, it’s about saving lives around the world.

Latitude works with companies such as Foot Locker, Michelin, Volvo, BFGoodrich, Addidas, Puma, and many other amazing brands. You can reach Joey and see more of Latitude's work at