Guest Profile

Jess Baker

Jess Baker has lived an adventurous life, one that has taken her all around the world, and intothe inner depths of her soul.



She is a Soul Purpose Facilitator who combines Western science, Eastern healing practices

and spirituality to work with the body, mind and spirit.


Jess honors the innate wisdom inside all of us and believes in the power of collaboration as we

work together both individually, and as a collective to help make this world a better place.


She loves to support people on their journey so they can grow, step into their true power, and

bring their gifts into the world for us all to benefit from.


She believes that If we all did this the world would be a more compassionate and conscious

place that would allow us all to evolve into something truly magical.


Nothing brings her more joy than being in nature, hanging out with her dog and having those

deep soulful conversations.


Today Jess is going to share with us her very personal story of her journey with chronic fatigue

syndrome and how some of our biggest challenges are also our biggest gifts.