Guest Profile

Greg Rea

Greg Rea is a board member of the Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicine. Greg represents a rapidly growing community of very conservative people who have discovered ancient psychedelic substances as an extraordinarily powerful tool in aiding in the recovery from failing mental health. Greg has been married to his college sweetheart for four decades, with three grown sons and two grandchildren. In college, he played football, recognized as part of the Nevada wolfpack hall of Fame. After his time at the University, he served as a Reno police officer, serving twelve of those years on the SWAT team; upon leave of force, he was an Evangelical Christian pastor. He was a law-abiding conservative until the age of 56 when he tried psilocybin in a therapeutic albeit illegal setting; it changed his life and freed him from a seven-day-a-week alcohol habit brought on by decades of hypervigilance and exposure to trauma stemming from his police service. Since then, he has made friends with many first responders and military veterans, who, through the experience of the ceremonial use of these compounds with a professional guide, were able to experience healing. There are former police officers, firefighters, navy seals, EOD techs, marines, ER nurses, and trauma surgeons, all of who have seen and experienced an overwhelming amount of human suffering, which has a devasting effect on their families and mental health. He has seen marriages saved, relationships restored, suicides prevented, and addictions healed. Greg was a soldier in the war on drugs, and now he is a soldier of healing. His passion lies in bringing this healing to men and women of service through an ethical and moral obligation to allow their use in a legal manner.