Guest Profile

Greg Kimble

Greg Kimble – CEO of The Final Percent, Chairman of the Board at KMGLife Inc.

Greg Kimble has held many titles throughout his life. As a teenager, he got his start in the music industry as a singer-songwriter and went on to wear about every hat imaginable in the field. Producer, engineer, performer, educator, and business owner are just a few of them. Mr. Kimble often refers to himself as a “perseverance expert”, as he has persevered through every obstacle in his life including a divorce and ultimately ending up homeless. He has since rebuilt and restarted his life multiple times, only making him stronger in the process. 


Mr. Kimble is known for bringing opportunities where none existed before. He resides in Boulder, CO as the Chairman of KMGLife Inc., a multi-media company and music production school widely known as KMG Academy (“Keep Music Going”), and as Founder and CEO of The Final Percent. Through this he has developed a successful name in motivational speaking and life coaching that has stemmed from his love of helping others and his desire to share the knowledge he has acquired throughout his life. Among his several life and business concepts, he is notorious for “The Final Percent,” which is used as a yardstick to measure your personal and business growth at all times. In essence, this is Mr. Kimble’s philosophy for achieving what he calls the exponential part of life. He also hosts “The Final Percent Podcast” which can be found on all major streaming platforms. 


Mr. Kimble has been the keynote speaker at many local events including CSU, DU, CU, Metro State, Community College of Denver, and various high schools, and has spoken on stages across the country. He’s been on tour with the best there is in motivational speaking, including Tim Storey, Sharon Lechter, and Micheal Burt. He often hosts his own events that coincide with his trainings and online courses with the goal of helping the community and equipping people to achieve their X-Potential. 


Now Mr. Kimble has encountered his biggest challenge yet, he’s become a father. He couldn’t be more excited to take on this next chapter and see how his life and business experience will shape that of his son’s and how that journey will in turn completely transform the trajectory of Mr. Kimble’s life.