Guest Profile

Gina Gayle Gray

FREEDOM Coach & Oracle, Gina Gayle Gray
Gina has been helping others who seek mental balance since earning her degree in Psychology in 1984. She later studied Counseling Psychology and recently became a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Certified Integration Life Coach. She also earned her certification to teach Yoga, became an Emotion Code Practitioner, and earned her David Wolfe Wholistic Nutrition Coach Certification. As a helping professional, she now utilizes NLP coaching for your Mind, Yogic wisdom teachings for your Body, and Emotion Code Energy Balancing for your Soul. These are the services she offers through her business, Anywhere Mind Body & Soul.

Gina has spent her entire life knowing the value of FREEDOM. Helping others remember this is now her passion! She says, “She is the force with the power to make her own choices and create her own reality in every aspect of her life—Mind, Body & Soul!” This is what she wants for everyone. In her words, “Freedom is a powerful concept that is meant for all human beings to enjoy”. She’s passionate about helping others remember who they are at their inner source—their Soul—because she knows that’s where the creative power is. Empowering others at this time of great need is Gina’s Soul Purpose, and in her work, she guides her clients to “Soul-U-tions” which are answers coming directly from the Soul.

Gina's 23 yr-journey with her son, Spencer, prepared her well and taught her valuable wisdom regarding the gift of unconditional Love that's shared between two people who are Gratefully Connected. The knowledge she received while her son was incarnate was communicated without spoken words because Spencer lived his life as a non-verbal communicator. When Spencer transformed into Light, Gina’s gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance blossomed. She’s now uniquely qualified—with the help of her Spirits, Guides & Guards who speak to her using "Spencpirations"—to help others find their way home.

In her coaching practice, Anywhere Mind Body & Soul, Gina aspires to lead others beyond merely surviving to a place where they are SHINING brightly. To reach this place, Gina knows that one must embark on a Journey within, and her signature program to guide others is her "Journey Back To Me". She guides others on this journey of self-discovery in groups, as a couple, or individually. An integral part of this Journey involves removing the wall around clients’ hearts so their Emotional Being can be restored. This is vital during this time of great division and separation within Humanity. We must reconnect with our own True Highest Self before we can restore compassionate relationships with ALL.