Guest Profile

Ellen McDonough

Ellen is a visionary artist and the founder & designer of PureLight, a free app offering audios that transmit powerful healing frequencies to help shift anything in your life. Created by some of the world’s top energy healers, these amazing audios can help improve/increase abundance, health, youthfulness, relaxation, sleep, psychic ability, spiritual awakening and so much more. Many are free to download!

Since these audios have created miracles in Ellen’s life, she was inspired to create the PureLight app to help get the word out and help make a positive difference in more people’s lives. To learn more about PureLight and to download the app, visit

As a visionary artist, Ellen channels images of spiritual realms, as well as Atlantis and other star systems.

All her life, Ellen has had visions of magical places in other dimensions, just beyond the perceptual bandwidth of our 3d Earth matrix. Ellen creates her images digitally and then imbues them with Light and high-frequencies, to transmit energies of peace, joy and inspiration. Many have remarked they feel happier after viewing Ellen's art; some have even told her they "remember" or have dreamt of a certain place. To view Ellen’s art, visit

It is Ellen’s intention to bring more Light and higher frequencies to the planet through her work, and to help people remember their Light, their power and the magic that exists just beyond the illusions of 3d.