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Duda Jadrijevic

Duda “Kickass Muse”
I am duda – known as a do-er, inspirer, go-getter, go-giver… the girl with guts who from nothing creates everything, someone who faces fear and kicks its ass!

Duda is a coach, a muse – a motivator! She coach entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, friends, and strangers. Basically anyone who wants to get unstuck and become a wiser, braver and happier version of themselves! You hear Oprah and other famous and inspiring people talk about living your authentic life and yet it is unclear and not easily reachable.Duda does this through sharing her own life experiences and using her wisdom gained through Buddhism. Unlike many coaches, Duda will ‘undress herself’ in front of you and share intimate, personal stories – not just by telling you the happy side, but the painful side of it too.So what’s the fuss about? There is no fuss. Duda’s gift of inspiring and motivating has transformed her life and she has crafted a world renowned coaching platform and program that those close to her asked for years to devote her life to it.

You can find Duda talking about fear, courage, productivity, spirituality, sex, love, family, addiction, business…(you name it) anywhere – offices, skype, airports, flights, my home, your home, pub. Worldwide. Every day.Duda truly believes that courage brings the best out of you and success is the result. Contact Duda today to learn more about her coaching style and services. She will truly help you kick your fear’s ass!



Duda the "Kick-Ass Muse"