Guest Profile

Dr. Shashi Ghodake

I’m Dr. Shashi Ghodake, certified health and life coach, entrepreneur, dentist , Founder and owner of Holistic Health.


Have been practicing dentistry over 20 years , and health coaching over a year which as its been my passion for years.


Have 2 daughters 10 and 14 year old.


Collaborated in the book "Down to the Core in Health and Wellness" along with other exceptional health and wellness coachs.


Also Co authored in 'Quarantales' a book of tales of us women all around the world in the quarantine period.


About myself Growing up I, suffered from many health issues and hormonal disorders which kept me from giving my best, achieving my true potential and most importantly enjoying my life overall.


I eventually overcame them through my lifestyle, habit changes and I working in my mindset. Now I have truly started enjoying life for what it really is.


Having experienced the suffocation of being stuck in my own unhealthy body and mind for many years I m very grateful now for my new life which is filed with energy and ability to be happy and in peace in any situation.


Total physical, mental and emotional health is essential to any human being and now it's my my passion to spread that as a Health and Life coach.


My main mission is to help millions of women with weight loss holistically and gaining back their health in a natural way so that that can excel to their true potential in life without any roadblocks.