Guest Profile

Dr. Megan Wagner Ph.D.

Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner, PhD is a Therapist, Spiritual Guide, Visionary Artist, Ritual Leader, Interfaith Minister and Author of 8 books on psycho-spiritual healing. Megan is Director of the Tree of Life Wisdom School, Director of Spiritual Psychology at the Chaplaincy Institute and Teacher at Nine Gates Mystery School. She offers training programs in Spiritual Psychology, Tree of Life, Divine Feminine Initiation and Ritual Leadership. She’s been on the spiritual path for 50+ years, exploring mystical and shamanic traditions, initiations and rites of passage. In her healing work she combines Depth Psychology, Kabbalah, Astrology and Alchemy with the sacred arts of drumming, chanting, storytelling, psychodrama and ritual. Megan creates podcasts, meditations, sacred music and Shamanic Robes for personal and planetary healing.