Guest Profile

Dr. Puja Aggarwal Mba

Puja Aggarwal MD MBA is a Professional Life Coach and Board Certified Neurologist and Epileptologist. She helps female healthcare professionals with burnout. She helps people through individual and group coaching sessions. Puja Aggarwal helps female professionals with burnout to go from overworked, overtired and overwhelmed to becoming self-confident, self-compassionate and self-loving. Her clients become empowered to change their mindsets and to be in control of their lives. She is a Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School and through the Certified Life Coach Institute (International Coaching Federation Accredited). Puja Aggarwal is also a Neurologist who received her MD (Medical Doctor) degree at Northeastern Ohio Medical University. She completed her residency in Neurology at Ohio State University and a fellowship at Cornell University New York Presbyterian Hospital in Epilepsy. She currently practices in Orlando Florida along with professional coaching.