Guest Profile

Doug Godkin

After a career ending injury as a firefighter, Doug Godkin quickly learned that in order to resume his normal life would have to take his healing journey into his own hands. This led Doug on a quest through natural healing and he developed a passion for understanding what is truly making and keeping the body sick and how the body is designed to heal naturally.

Over the past 15 years, Doug has worked with some of the most gifted scientists, researchers and doctors, has had the opportunity to work in numerous labs, and has had a hand in formulating and developing many different supplements, including pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver, that are positively impacting lives around the world.

Over this time, Doug has experienced all aspects of supplement manufacturing, ingredient harvesting and what is truly in the bottle of product that people believe they depend on for their journey to natural healing.

Doug has started opening up and discussing what is happening behind the scenes in the supplement manufacturing industry. Including how many of the supplement companies today are owned by large pharmaceutical and food companies (many of these same companies that are developing the products that are making people sick), how many customers are purchasing health products based on marketing and no true science, and lastly how anyone in 2 quick steps can identify if a health supplement is of good quality or not.

Doug is also Owner/Partner of Ameo Life revolutionized the science and manufacturing behind the older forms of colloidal silver and has developed pH Balanced Alkaline Structured Silver.

The first form of Silver Supplementation that is:

  • pH Balanced Alkaline
  • Based On Structured Water
  • Particle Tested to for Size, Shape and Frequency (This matters on how it works to support the bodies natural ability to heal)
  • Energetically bonded to water molecules

Doug reinforces that Ameo Life produces products that are all chemical free, preservative free, and toxin free. This also means that each and every ingredient is added with purpose to help compliment the body's natural ability to heal.

The Ameo Life Co-Founder also authored the book The Healing Power of Silver under the pen name, James Douglas. The purpose of the book is to provide education on all aspects of Silver based wellness and the many different areas silver assists the body in healing by eliminating yeast, bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses.

He also has a true passion for people and is a Certified Executive Coach, Human Resource Professional and active contributor to community and business leadership engagements. Building empowered teams and developing people based organizations where everyone becomes successful together.