Guest Profile

Darlene Turner

Darlene Turner is a visionary of living and BEing an evolved consciousness. Embracing how powerFull we really are!

Changing our frequency and aligning with our heart and brain coherence we are able to take responsibility for our lives and create the life that we truly desire.

Darlene was raised a Jehovah's Witness on a farm in Saskatchewan. At a young age, she had to choose between family and religion or what truth her heart was telling her.

Life led Darlene down many tough roads until she decided enough was enough and started to go deep and find out who she really was and to heal and grow from the trauma and hardships to really love herself.

Through this healing journey, Darlene learned many healing modalities such as: Body Talk, Reiki, Theta Healing and Access Bars. She is well known for her intuitive deep tissue massage and being able to relieve chronic pain through her gifts and intuition. Her passion for animals lead her to complete her education as a Registered Equine Therapist. She enjoys using her tools and skills gained in that course on all animals and humans.

Connecting to the Quantum field and electromagnetic field that surrounds everything, Darlene is able to make a real difference to any imbalances in the body, mind and emotional bodies, relieving and bringing balance back to your body. Working with anyone around the world through Zoom or Skype or in person at her location in Enderby BC.

Darlene now focuses on finding and clearing issues from the origin, whether it's this lifetime, genetic, DNA or parallel lives and end soul contracts. From this clean slate she empowers and guides clients to shift their frequency into wholeness and recreate their DNA, Becoming aware of their beliefs and patterns that run in the subconscious and start changing them one by one.