Guest Profile

Cassandra Mary Bauer

Cassandra Mary Bauer is a NDE survivor, Spiritual Thought Leader, Author, Personal Evolution Mentor, Radical Re-programmer, Ascension Coach and Founder of NOWLEVELUP.

As a survivor of deep child trauma and abuse, Cassandra grew up with a low sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence. She struggled in the early part of her life with feeling alone, invalidated, disconnected, and lost.

After her profound awakening in 2013 and finding her way back to herself and creating the magical life that she had once dreamed of, she was led to wanting to help others do the same. Cassandra has worked with hundreds of thousands of souls all over the world to help them sift through their programming to discover the superhero that lives underneath all the conditioning, beliefs, thoughts, and fears.

Cassandra focuses on empowering adults and children to expand their awareness, master their emotions, balance their energies, and break free from their pain by feeling it, alchemizing it, and transcending it so they can step into their divine purpose, now.

“I believe we came here to be the heroes of our own stories and to do that we must be willing to feel the entirety of our story.”

Cassandra is not your typical coach. She is an Empowerment to Ascension Coach – living proof that by embodying your deepest desires and being in alignment with your intuition, you can achieve far greater heights of success, happiness, and abundance – and that the journey doesn’t have to be hard.

It gets to be fun, colorful and playful.