Guest Profile

Anne Hayes

Anne Hayes/AKA Mama G



Heal. Transform. Elevate.


Anne (aka Mama G) is a #1 international bestselling author, speaker, lyricist, vocalist and the CVO

of Kicka$$ Happyness. She is also the founder of a highly customized online coaching program

designed To Transform Troubled Teens Using Ancient Wisdom To Live Happy, Fulfilling Lives. The

Kicka$$ Happyness Academy utilizes a synergistic system that effectively activates each member's

ability to take full charge of his/her life. Anne also shares inspirational messages over smooth



With decades of experience working with teens in a variety of settings, Anne is credited with turning

around so many lives, including that of her own teenage daughter. As a powerful liaison between

parents, community leaders, and teens, she intends on turning around a lot more lives with her

natural, passion-driven, non-conventional approach.


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