Guest Profile

Afya Evans

Afya Evans, is the Founder and CEO of AFYA Enterprises, LLC and The AFYA Spot, Executive Coaching and Style Studio. As an Image Consultant and Coach, she helps public-officials, media personalities, and high-profile professionals elevate their public images, personal confidence, professional wardrobes, and media presentations for MAXIMUM IMPACT in their industry. Afya doesn't just put outfits together, she puts YOU together!


Afya is a Political Analyst turned Modern Modiste. With over 20 years of professional experience, a lifetime of artistic creativity, and a long list of personal triumphs and failures, Afya offers a comprehensive and completely TRANSFORMATIVE experience not found elsewhere. She is the go-to guru for high-profile and public-facing professionals looking to boost their confidence and command every room, Zoom, space, place, or platform they step onto. Whether its a political roundtable or a red carpet event, Afya has you covered.  


Afya earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University, and an MS in International Relations from Troy University. She has studied under world-renowned image experts, and skillfully applies color theory, body typology, cross-cultural communication, psychology principles, and good old-fashioned grit to her work.  


A native of Indianapolis, IN, Afya’s name mean “health” in Arabic and Swahili. She is a self-described shoe addict and Sci-fi fanatic. FUN FACT: She can recite every single word of the original Star Wars movie verbatim.


Afya’s purpose and passion is to help catapult her clients into their best, most impactful seasons yet.


Her personal and business mantra is: Turn Heads, Blow Minds, and Change Lives.™ Every. Single. Time.