Sponsor Profile: Wendy R. Wolf

Teleios: BE Your Potential

Teleios: BE Your Potential

You are Life's own Special NUT! BE the Great Oak that lies hidden in your Acorn!

Since 2005, Reverend Wendy Running Wolf has acted as a trusted Healer, Soul Transformation Facilitator, and Leader of a growing team of Psychic Healers who inspire and support each unique Soul Journey, and help to transform your life's traumas and challenges into the GIFT THAT YOUR LIFE was always meant to be!

Playfully Shift: Unveil, Open, Bloom: BE YOU!

Teleios: BE Your Potential:Teleios, in Greek means:
to Mature,
to come into your unique Wholeness,
to Be Perfectly You, serving the world as only you can.

in other words, BE and DO who YOU uniquely ARE!

Our Teleios team utilizes SoulTech, a proven system of Inner Tools and Spiritual Support for you, equipping you to Be the Captain of your Life.

These TOOLS really WORK! And we work them with you, in these pathways:
- Deep Healing with Inner Tools
- Meditation Coaching
- Soul Counseling
- Spiritual Direction
- Developing your Soul Senses and Abilities: Act as spirit in body with Psychic Training
- Flourishing as a Healer

Each of us is a distinct spark of the Divine in this world: Transform: Heal into, Grow in, Shine your Light!Established in 2005, serving Groups and Individuals in Seattle (Ballard/Lower Queen Anne); NJ Shore 3 times per year; and your location, by invitation, and internationally via phone and internet.

We are blessed, so many participants are delighted; here is one:
"It is fun! I have learned how to ground, run energy and work with my own energy. Wendy has guided me through exercises that have helped me: accept myself, release negative energy, and interact positively with others.

The most important thing I have learned about this training is that I am on a spiritual path. The spiritual tools I have picked up have helped me develop a keen insight of that path, that journey. Going forward, it is I who is able to comfortably live in control of my choice of emotion and choice of will.

But it is fun. I have been enjoying these learning experiences, growth cycles, with someone who I trust and can laugh with. With someone who is experienced and warm-hearted enough for me to let my guard down. I feel free enough to allow the changes of spiritual growth to happen, to work for a positive change in my life. And my life has changed and I am thankful to Wendy for her guidance."
- Tim Coons, Seattle