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Sponsor Profile: Karen Baines

soul whispers with karen baines

Soul Whispers Limited

“ Realign the things you can’t see, to get the results you can see.”

    You want to break through to the next level of income, you can feel it, you can taste it, you know it is right there. It’s within touching distance but you can’t seem to get your hands on it, no matter what you do.
    You’re spending a lot of time doing things that warrant little return and don’t create actual results. It feels like 200 steps forward and 300 steps back.
    That tipping point continues to allude you, somehow.
    And I know you’re doing all of the things that you’ve been told to do in your business, the proven steps you need to take to build your business. But let me ask you, how is that working out for you so far?
    Perhaps you know that something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on it. You know you want to make an impact in the world – a global impact. You know you want financial freedom and not just a bank account that looks like a mobile phone number, but money you can actually use because you have the time freedom to use it!




    When Entrepreneurs are shooting for their next income level, it is common to make misaligned choices that are not in alignment with who they really are and who they are becoming.
    You are probably using a previous ‘blueprint’ or somebody else’s ‘blueprint’ to create your reality and wondering why it’s not working. It’s not working because that blueprint was designed for who you were, or worse, someone else. Your blueprint needs an overhaul.
    As the leading expert in Conscious Karmic Creation, I help you master your own creational process, as even if you know that what you are doing is not working – you still need to know what specific choices you are making that need realigning. This will then empower you to be able to create the life you say you want.