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Sponsor Profile: Gwen Fox

Gwen Fox artist coaching and workshops

Gwen Fox Artist Coaching & Workshops

As a professional artist, teacher and art coach Gwen shares her unique ability to inspire and empower artists to reach their full potential. She knows it takes courage to share with others what one has in their soul.

Gwen teaches workshops/retreats, on-line classes plus an incredible membership program to provide ongoing support for all your creative endeavors.

Gwen has shown in New York, was selected to show with His Royal Highness Prince Phillips work at the Fermoy Art Gallery, Kings Lynn, England, commissioned by the NSA, and a wine label for California Winery and has been a featured artist in one person shows in Hawaii, England, Washington D.C. Taos, NM and Colorado.

Confidence, courage, and belief in self are hallmarks of her coaching abilities and a Fox-taught workshop. Gwen offers the gift of a lifetime…come feed your creative spirit.