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Sponsor Profile: Dr. Roni Deluz

Dr. Roni Holistic Health

Dr. Roni Holistic Health

Dr. Roni Holistic Health and Wellness -

A natural Detox, weight loss and integrative health program for chronic illness is developed by New York Times bestselling author of "21 Pounds in 21 Days" Naturopathic Doctor, Independent Scientific researcher, Registered Nurse Dr. Roni. After supporting many celebrities and clients at her private retreat on Martha's Vineyard she realized she needed to launch a new program for people eager to get healthy not only lose weight. Her Program has advanced to include persons who are chronically ill and with a team that will design a custom program in their own private home or space. As a private client you will learn and experience the science and health benefits of detoxification, you will learn how to manage your chronic illness in a holistic environment whether it is your home or Dr.Roni's retreat. Therapies range from colon therapy, massage, metal detoxification, candida cleanses, oxygen protocols, cold laser treatments to state of the art Detox body treatments and custom supplementation based on Laboratory diagnostics.

You will experience vitality, weight lost or weight gain, brain focus and more. You will learn the science of body cleansing and how it saves lives simply by following a proven and natural program that worked for thousands of people just like you. Our tailored programs are available to suit all budgets along with a range of integrative health supplements to support you along the way. You won't find a more effective and safe way to support your wellness and quality of life than with program.