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Sponsor Profile: Ataana Badilli

Ataana Method

Ataana Method

Ataana Healing Method
Gemstone Healing ~ Teaching Self Healing ~ Supporting Spiritual Journey ~ Energy Work
Business & Personal Growth ~ Attracting Soul Mate / Twin Flame
Ataana is a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer who has traveled the world supporting individuals, groups and acclaimed spiritual leaders, visiting sacred places, activating new areas, as well as nurturing and strengthening his natural healing abilities.

He can see all patterns and assists the individual or group through awareness to transform limiting actions and belief systems. In other words, he makes your journey transparent to you so you can decide for yourself what changes would be appropriate. It also opens the door to attract what really serves and to let go of non-serving patterns. In essence, he invites us to go deeper into the study and understanding of one’s true self.

Transformation Leads to Transformation
Transformation is possible at any given stage or time. Ataana’s greatest gifts are mastering systems – understanding the raw materials and energetic blueprints of existence. How we think, behave, communicate and act is a manifestation of how we’re energetically wired. He can decode all stages of being-ness in a way that explains why things are happening in our lives the way they do.

Every step towards our true self is a step towards wholeness. Ataana has designed a unique holistic system called the Ataana Method to nourish, connect, unveil and apply your specific healing gifts. When you are ready to step into a higher phase of consciousness, he can activate specific frequencies to support your journey.

The Ataana Healing Method brings the essence of transformational modalities (Mysticism, Crystal Healing, Intuition, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Feng Shui, Oneness Consciousness, Psychic Awareness and Energy Work) together in one healing system. I have streamlined all the energy healing tools that I have successfully applied in my own life and in client sessions. It is very effective transformational energy and a proven system that works.

Ataana supports your reading this map, so that you can understand and change the repeating patterns in your life. We don’t just witness these patterns. We give them what they need in order to be transformed. We heal them. We restore your connection to your source, and, from that place of power, anything and everything becomes possible.