Guest Profile

Yann Toutant

Yann Toutant is the CEO of Econocom NL, the €6bn digital services company in the Netherlands, as well as the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

Yann is a strong believer in the ‘location independence’ movement. He believes the associated focus on experiences versus possessions presents a new opportunity to Corporates.

From his own experience, he sees CEOs dealing with three major challenges, shifting business models, integrating startup mentality into company culture and attracting the "Y" generation.

Yann believes the mindset shift from possessions to experiences frees up the mind to create new solutions. Also employees open up to new experiences when they are outside of an office environment.

This philosophy reflects Econocom’s subscription based digital transformation services, based on the philosophy that usage is better than ownership. This approach allows Econocom’s clients to focus on their core business and they are able to achieve their vision more cost effectively.

Yann loves to integrate this way of working in the projects to create innovative solutions and improve the employee experience.

Yann also integrates the mindset of experiences over possessions into his own life. Yann is a keen sailor and loves to talk about his experiences.