Guest Profile

Una Drake

Una Drake believes dating is a powerful tool for personal growth. A spiritual healer at heart, Una helps men and women find love, even under unique or challenging circumstances.

Entering the dating market as a newly-single mom in her mid-thirties, with a very specific set of relationship criteria, opened Una’s eyes to the problems and potential of contemporary dating. She found the path to true love, as always, requires courage, integrity and perseverance, especially today, in a landscape dominated by dating apps, unsolicited unsavory photos and ghosting.

Coming from a background in shamanic healing and metaphysical work, in 2012, Una began helping clients specifically with dating. She developed the Mini-Date Method™ to help clients simplify the dating process and find the love they are looking for. Today Una teaches courses and continues to coach clients in holistic dating, love and relationships.

Una’s eclectic background includes a BA in Chemistry, professional training in Expressive Arts Therapy, work as a professional psychic and energy healer, intensive shamanic training, as well as time spent as a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters. Una wrote the book, Space Clearing: A Practical Guide in 2013. She has been Organizer of the Seattle UFO Network since 2010, and has hosted over 100 UFO and paranormal-related events in the Seattle area, including a lecture series, a conference and an Experiencer Support Group.