Guest Profile

Suzanne Ross

Suzanne is an author, podcaster, and Internet TV host. She is the author of the UP! Trilogy; she released Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection in 2015 and most recently Rise Up! Awakening through Revelation. The forward is by Barbara Hand Clow. “Rise Up! is the most brilliant and accessible synthesis of esoteric wisdom, cycles of time, and cosmic dimensions I have ever read…a must read for any seeker or wisdom.” ~ Barbara Hand Clow.

Wake Up! is a unique multi-media experience enhanced by live interviews with the authors referenced throughout the book and audio/video downloads of the daily practices. Suzanne offers energetic sessions on her website to catapult your leap into consciousness with powerful initiations and divine activations. If you are ready to be all that you can be and live a life of pure joy and expanded awareness, dive into this adventure with an open mind and tune into the heart of creation. You will find that love is the most powerful force