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Guest Profile

Susan Sinclair

Susan Sinclair is a modern mystic, Usui and Imara Reiki Master, Soul Reader, Sound Healer, Akashic Adventurer and unabashed devotee of the Radiant Dark. She loves helping people reclaim their Wise Autonomy to free their souls, claim their purpose, and finally start living their Wow.


Susan knew from childhood that she was a “night person,” but having thoroughly conformed to the daytime world schedules and viewpoints, she decided that feeling overwhelmed and relentlessly driven to achieve were just normal.


But when at age 51, she went through a “near-birth” spiritual awakening that put her latent psychic gifts back online, Susan rediscovered the sacred nature of the Divine Dark. Through spontaneous mystical visions of Dark and Light angels pleading to be reunited, and an unprecedented experience of sharing “dark” Reiki energy with healing results, Susan knew she needed to learn more and become an active advocate of the Radiant Dark.


Susan trained personally with renowned energy healer and proponent of “Good” Dark, Cyndi Dale, and Akashic Record scholar Dr. Linda Howe, to develop her unique soul reading and healing practices that honor the Radiant Dark. The rebalancing of Yin and Yang is crucial in Susan's profound spiritual healing work with clients worldwide.


Susan has been a featured guest on such radio shows as The Paranormal MD, Paranormal Mojo, So You Think You're Awake, and most recently The Dr. Pat Show, exploring the mysteries of reality beyond the ordinary. Her engaging, interactive workshops have amazed and delighted audiences in both Chicagoland and Seattle, and her co-authored book, Are You the Missing Piece?, featuring her essay on the Divine Dark, achieved #1 International Bestseller on Amazon. Susan also makes frequent appearances at area psychic fairs, where visitors regularly say “WOW” after one of her Spirit-powered sessions in the Akashic Records and with healing Sacred Sound.