Guest Profile

Susan Glavin

Susan Glavin,  is a Certified Accelerated Neuro Hypnotherapist of the National Guild of hypnotherapy, Certification with the Ford institute of integrated Coaching. Creator of the Modern Day Mastery course, Breath work facilitator. Author of The F-it Manifesto, a womens kick ass guide to liberation. Leader of women's circles and transformative retreats.

My story is a powerful narrative of transformation and empowerment. Emerging from a childhood shadowed by physical,  emotional and sexual  abuse, I embarked on a healing journey that began with the practice of Transcendental Meditation at 17 thanks to my brother. This pivotal moment led me to the EST training in 1980, further igniting my lifelong commitment to self-discovery and inner healing.

For the past 30  years,  I  have been an example  of strength and inspiration, leading women's circles and hosting transformative retreats. My deep understanding of the mind's power, coupled with a profound grasp of how our beliefs and subconscious shape our reality, has been the cornerstone of my work.

I'm not just a guide; I am a  passionate advocate for unlocking the true potential within each individual. I have dedicated my life to supporting and inspiring others to become the greatest expression of who they truly are, not the false identity that has been programmed into our subconscious mind. My journey is a testament to resilience and courage, a reminder that from the deepest challenges can emerge the most profound wisdom and strength. I believe anything can be healed and forgiven