Guest Profile

Shifra Baltinester

Shifra Baltinester is an elder-loneliness solution and community-strengthening expert. Inspired by her 94-year-old Holocaust-survivor mother, Shifra left a leadership career in Information Technology to start and manage Social Bridge, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing ways to alleviate the loneliness of elders while building relationships between generations.


As she served the elder community in San Diego as an ombudsman, she spent time researching elder loneliness. She interviewed more than a hundred elders aged 75 to 98 and experts to better understand elder loneliness and the problems it represents to elders, families, and the community at large. Shifra’s compassion drives her to deeply understand both elders and their families, and her business acumen allows her to see the economic impact of loneliness on elders.


During COVID-19 pandemic, Shifra is leading Social Bridge to be part of the solution for elders in many communities and states.


Shifra has been featured on primetime newscasts on ABC10 and CBS8 and was a contributor to the book The 50/50 Rules, an Amazon bestseller. Shifra is a mother of four, wife, and a community builder.