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Scott Jeffrey

Scott Jeffrey

I’m Scott Jeffrey. Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding high-achieving CEOs and entrepreneurs to scale, uplevel, and 10x their businesses and personal performance.

Meanwhile, I’ve embarked on my own adventures into exploring who I am and what I’m capable of.

I’ve synthesized depth psychology, humanistic psychology, neurolinguistic programming, comparative mythology, archetypal psychology, developmental psychology, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, qigong, and over 50 transformative practices in my quest to help my clients to activate the Alchemist within them.

I’ve been encouraged to share this work with a broader audience, and so here we are.

Explore. I’ve got in-depth, self-development guides on topics including creativity, psychology, energy, productivity, and self-mastery. Find what might serve you and discard the rest.

One more thing. I publish a new guide or article a few times each month with practical ideas and strategies to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, and creative professionals produce great work and grow toward their potential. Think of it as practical self-development guides for intentional, high achievers.