Guest Profile

Sara Loos

Sara Loos is an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher who specializes in helping clients eliminate struggle and overcome suffocation from poor life choices in order to finally create the life they desire and deserve.

Her training consists of certifications in Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Body Language, and Mastery of Language, in addition to extensive training in The Enneagram and other personal growth modalities.

Sara is most passionate about training others to take control of their lives, their results, and ultimately their dreams by providing tools that empower each person to live on purpose and authentically. She conducts sessions with individuals, couples, and groups. Prior to life coaching, she was a successful marketing executive in New York City and Los Angeles where she used her knowledge of consumer behavior to help steer large brand campaigns for clients such as Visa, American Express, IKEA, and others.

Sara lives in Santa Ynez, California with her husband and two teen daughters.