Guest Profile

Robert Strock

Robert Strock has nearly five decades of experience as a psychotherapist, teacher, and humanitarian and has developed a unique approach to communication, contemplation, and inquiry. Recently, he authored and published Awareness That Heals at, an expression of the powerful tools that Robert has developed over a lifetime of inspired self-exploration. Robert is the founder of a thriving counseling practice for business, caregivers, leaders, and those in the entertainment industry. His hundreds of online videos, blogs and guided meditations are shared with therapists, psychology students, social workers, caregivers, and seekers of their own inspiration at

Twenty five years ago, Robert co-founded The Global Bridge Foundation at whose mission it is to bridging innovative individuals, organizations and countries by supporting the equalization of economic and social opportunity, peace and survival of our world. This includes supporting self-sufficiency for the poorest populations and global warming.

This foundation is a part of a united effort to support systems for global change and economic inequality. The foundation addresses these issues in partnership with many other prestigious global organizations including Acumen Foundation, The Buckminster Fuller Institute, International Medical Corp, and numerous microfinance organizations. Co-founder of Global Bridge Foundation, Robert has maintained a private spiritual and therapeutic counseling practice for forty years, specializing in purposeful living, relationships, and death and dying counseling. Over this time, he has developed a unique approach to communication, contemplation and inquiry, and is as much a teacher as he is a counselor.

Robert is an innovator in the field of psychology and is sought after for presentations, trainings, and consultations in corporate settings, nonprofits and with media audiences providing emotional and leadership guidance in times of global strife and uncertainty. During his extensive career, he has worked intensively with many foundations in facilitating communication and forging strategic guidance partnerships. He has served as an active participant of the Jenna Druck Foundation, The Earth Trust Foundation, Beyond War, and the Center for Partnership Studies. He has been collaborating and offered grants to several foundations and given strategic guidance with several foundations including The Buckminster Fuller Institute, Acumen, Indivisible and The International Medical Corp amongst several others.

In his desire to share this body of work with a broader audience he has developed a video website for use with psychology students, therapists, seekers of truth and those wanting to understand themselves on almost any level.