Guest Profile

Rena Greenberg

Rena Greenberg’s success with weight loss hypnosis has been featured in 150+ news stories including USA Today, Woman’s World Magazine, The Doctor’s Show, CNN, FOX-TV, Good Morning America and ABC-TV Nightline, including her own show on PBS.

Rena’s wellness program has been reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals and 100+ major corporations, including Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, Home Depot and AT&T.

Rena Greenberg works with people all over the world in private hypnotherapy and coaching sessions on Skype and face-to-face in Florida to help people get healthy and improve their lives.

Rena recently launched Rena’s Organic: a complete line of medical grade CBD products of the highest quality, to assist people in eliminating pain, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, living at a healthy weight, and achieving peak wellness.

Rena holds a degree in bio-psychology from the City University of New York and a master’s degree from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. She is also a hypnosis and NLP trainer and is board certified in biofeedback therapy