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Nova Wightman

Nova Wightman is an author, speaker, Certified Life Coach (CPCC), NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, and a Conversations with God Coach and CwG Voice on Neale Donald Walsch's (author of the Conversations with God Series of Books) team. Also the owner and operator of her own coaching company, Nova helps spiritual seekers become spiritual rock stars by blending their spirituality with their humanity so that they can enjoy the crap out of life. A humorous and somewhat irreverent way-shower, she puts her clients on the fast track to conscious manifestation by teaching them how to align with Who They Really Are, all while feeling joyful and satisfied along the way!

A mother of a two beautiful little girls, wife to her soulmate, and a 5th degree Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do, Nova enjoys lots of quality family time, Netflix binging, and playing hide-and-seek.

For more information or to contact Nova please visit Her recent book release, “Awake and Aligned: How to Navigate the Human Experience as a Spiritual Being” is now available on