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Lucie Pouilly

I am a psychic and intuitive business coach that I am expanding my hypersensorial abilities (soul essence/psychic). I support women to connect to their intuition, and pleasure for the liberation of their truest expression. As your guide, teacher, healer I walk alongside my client To guide you in turning on your unique & magical blended gifts. Bridging and Amplifying your connection with your spirit guides. My subject of faves is energetics, strengthening our intuitive abilities, & becoming in power. - Duality of the feminine and masculine energy and how to make them play together. - the 4 levels of consciousness  - How to cultivate your intuition - shifting your Codependency tendencies in your business and lean on the lover and provider energy. - Embodiment of your goddess frequency to attract your desired life. - From empowerment to being the powerful one. Side note I am also a mom of 3 under 4 and of multiples and I have a beautiful ADHD and Asperger mind.