Guest Profile

Linda Kneidinger Ph.D.


Like many women her age, Linda wears many hats. Coach, entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and volunteer are just some of her roles. She came to coaching after spending 10 years focusing on raising her children. As much as she loved the time she was able to devote to her family, she had a long history in the fields of physical and mental health, and longed to return to the workforce and use her skills to help others.


Linda first discovered the power of mindset as a high school athlete. With her sights set on becoming a sport psychologist, she studied the Biological Basis of Behavior at the University of Pennsylvania, then received two master’s degrees in Psychology. Her path took her to school psychology, and she worked in schools and in private practice until leaving the workforce. Ten years later she discovered coaching, and knew it would be her perfect second career. As a coach, Linda uses her knowledge of psychology and neurology, her communications skills, and her background in fitness and nutrition to help people overcome obstacles and reach their goals.



Masters degrees in Experimental Psychology and School Psychology, Certified as both a Life and Health Coach